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siting experts from the United Nations in 1982, Xihaigu was left out of China's headlong rush to riches in the country's economi

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c reform."The families I visited did not have enough to e▓at, and the drinking water -- salty to taste -- was fetched from afar," Xi said. The villagers did no

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t eve▓n have the luxury of showering."It was my firs▓t visit to Xihaigu and the view of people's life there shocked me," Xi said. ▓"After so many years of refo

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zhai, a model village in neighboring S▓hanxi Province, where villagers had en▓ough to eat through the hard work t▓o harvest grain. Xi and fellow villa▓gers of

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n Province. Ning

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Liangjiahe dreamed of "having corn flour for meals" for the whole year, too."I just turned 20 at that ti▓me, and I was mainly thinking about w▓ays to let every

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ediment st▓orage dams,

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